About Me .

My name is Taylor H. but you can just refer to me as the reformed hoe. A lot of people ask me where I got The name well it’s actually a play on words . It’s not a name to be taken seriously and no it doesn’t really mean that I used to be a hoe and now I’m not anymore even though if that’s what you wanna take away from the stories and advice and whatever else I choose to post here then be my guest . When you actually think about the meaning of the words reformed means to make better and hoe is a garden tool . ” hoe ” is a word that we use wrong every single day and it is what you want it to be . So to me the name just means I went through trials and tribulations and came out a better person . Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy all that I have to offer and at least laugh at some of the dumb stuff I’ve done because I sure do.