I’m Not Always There When You Call But I’m Always On Time.

How do men know when to pop up? Is there like an ain’t shit nigga alarm that goes off when they’re all hanging out in the studio and they all have to sit there and figure out which one of their girls it is? Or is it just a coincidence? I don’t understand, the math is not mathing and I am confusion ! It’s like as soon as you think to yourself I hate this man I’m never talking to him again here he come, ready to talk and it’s just a very special talent that I would like to have. It leaves me sitting there so confused like I was ready to go but maybe not anymore.

One thing is for sure and two things are for certain a man will come back to make sure he still has access. Even if he doesn’t want it right now, he still wants to make sure he has it because the male ego said so. Men can dish it out but our good lord knows they cannot take it. They are ready to jump off of the tallest building if they find out you are doing 1/8th of what they are probably doing. So if you’re going through a heartbreak or have been through one my first piece of advice is don’t be a dummy. Do not go running to answer and give him a space in your life he does not deserve. That’s not to say that you and your exes cannot be friends because every situation is different but REMEMBER who you were in a relationship with and REMEMBER that people don’t change overnight so if yall broke up Wednesday please don’t think by Thursday of the next week that yall can be friends. It just aint there for that especially if youre really heart broken and especially if they are manipulative.

Don’t think that because he comes back that he wants you and he loves you and that your kewchee is good. I want yall to remove this thought from your head because people do what you allow. I believe good attracts good and even though I cannot lie I do like toxic TOO MUCH TOXIC IS BEYOND ME. So if we outside fighting and calling the cops on each other then that just aint it. If Im crying about you every day or week then you sir, are an onion not a human and I don’t wanna date that.

What needs to be done is your peace needs to be protected. You need to be selfish with you because ultimately that is what that man is doing. He is choosing himself every time. In the moment what would make him happy is you and I promise you as much as you think taking him back for the moment would make you happy in the long run it will cause you more harm than good. I do not care what you need to do to protect your peace because at the end of the day its yours. BLOCK HIM. MUTE HIM. UNFOLLOW. WHATEVER. DO IT AND STAY STRONG. We are in this together. We are in this to win this. WE MOVE ! I’ll be back with more tips and tricks to get over and handle heartbreak as soon as I learn them myself. NO WORRIES. We are taking it day by day. Hour by hour and even some times minute by minute because it gets hard but I have faith in us !

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