Bored In The House.

Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored. Ain’t this some shit? I mean we been through some sh*t BUT THIS TAKES THE CAKE. I never thought outside would be illegal at any one point and time in my life. Yet, it is and lemme tell you I don’t hate it. I hate to admit it but I like inside. I feel like the girl from the Kombucha tasting video. At first, I was like nah this ain’t it. Then as the days go by I’m like you know what, this isn’t that bad, it isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. I mean the worst part about all of this is I’ve turned into BIG DEBORAH where as before I was well on my way to little Debbie. Although, I am struggling with the weight gain things could be way, way worse but alas that’s another blog post for another day.

I’m here today to tell you about our lord and Savior Beyonce. Nah, I’m just kidding. I am here to tell you about my current venture. I have been a business owner for 3 months now. Which is not a long time at all but I can tell you when it comes to owning a business each month feels like a decade. Whew. I swear to the son of Mary and Joseph that no amount of reading could have prepared me for all of this and to think that most businesses don’t become profitable for TWO TO THREE YEARS! I just want y’all to pray for my mental health because on a day to day basis my emotions about it change like you would not believe.

I mean building the business truly has helped me through being unemployed. I can guarantee you that if I still worked at my old job I would have never started this business. I couldn’t afford to because all of the money I made there went back to bills, food at work, transportation and other dumb shit. Then after that I didn’t have enough time, My job was legit sucking all of my time and not to mention my happiness away from me, so in conclusion I wouldn’t have been able to give my website the time it deserves. I built it from the ground up and customized every single part of it. I designed the logo and hang tag design from scratch, learned basic coding to be able to customize my website, not to mention all the time I put into and still put into making my packaging amazing. This business is literally my baby.

Now all of that is great and all but you know me and you know I’m all about honesty. This entrepreneur sh*t is ghetto. Its for the birds, thank god I’m a bird (ca-caw). Cause let me tell you all the build up until I launched my website and I sold NOTHING the first couple of days. I cry a lot and often so you know my dramatic ass was in tears and depressed. I still wasn’t working at this time so I had nothing to absolutely do. I was finished with website prepping and now I had to wait, which you know is NOT my strong suit. Then one day I got an order. It was one but it was something and then a couple more and more. I was ecstatic I told my mom” THIS FEELING MUST BE WHY PEOPLE START BUSINESSES”! I remember the first day I got an order from a stranger I was ecstatic because I felt like of all the other brands in the world, you chose mine, wow ! Then it slowed down again and I slowed down promo and I got sad again. I thought to myself ” Why am I doing this?” at least ten times. I wasn’t putting the necessary work in and therefor not getting any return. I needed to have tough skin and PATIENCE.

When I look back I am honestly very proud of the progress I have made. I have since really put my mind to building a successful brand and I am taking marketing classes and coding classes and anything else that I can take to make myself a better business woman. I ALSO GOT A JOB!!!! Okay, your girl is back and she is betterrrr. I actually like this job as well, I work regular hours and I get paid well and my managers are nice. I actually get excited to wake up every single day to go to work. There was once a time where I woke up and sat in the bed for hours just thinking “wow, this again?”. To wake up and be unhappy to be alive still is not a good feeling and something I never want to go back to honestly and I don’t plan on it.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but STAY STRONG, DON’T GIVE UP. It may not be the best right now, it may not be the best next week or even next month but when it is your time trust me, nobody can take that from you. You must be in a certain position and mind frame to ultimately receive the blessings you want. I got a job after searching for a few days, as a matter of fact they called me to offer me an interview and that is a blessing. It all fell into place without me even forcing it and that’s how you know these blessings are for me. Every day I try to get better and grow because life is about learning and growth and I will continue to do so. I am nowhere near perfect and I may never be but I will get better. That’s not to say that I wont stumble but I will get back up, dust my self off and try his friend or whatever Aaliyah said.

Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. How are you all holding up during this quarantine?

2 thoughts on “Bored In The House.

  1. I always look forward to your posts. You’re so witty! Can’t wait until outside is legal again so I can see your beautiful face 😚!


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