Tag Me In B*tch

I have a temper that you don’t want to see. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned okay. Dont let me find out what really grinds your gears because I will go there. However, since Ive gotten older I have learned to calm it down. I thank my last job for that because before that I was a loose canon and anyone could get it. I remember at the college that kicked me out I got so angry I legit turned into the hulk and rocked a concrete post out of place because they wouldn’t let me fight. I’m pretty sure it was a boy I was trying to fight too. That was a night to remember. I used to tell people “ I would spit on their mothers” and be ready to fight after because obviously you cant say that and not be on go mode. However, when I started to work with a ton of women I had to learn to let things go so a combination of being around strippers, bartenders and the women at my last job calmed me down a lot.

I mean even when I started my last job I was still rough around the edges. My babygirl Nicole did not help at all. She and I together was literally a ticking time bomb just waiting to detonate. They know we were the trouble squad and in fact I know they couldn’t wait to get my ass out of that job because they were tired of my mouth. We had a meeting and this was before I actually was allowed to work as a supervisor this was when I was just thinking about applying. We had one of our unnecessary meetings and the backstory is we had a supervisor who I dont know what her problem with me was. She was probably jealous which is her problem not mine but she saw me on my family vacation in Miami and took my pictures to the office and was showing them around talking about “she doesn’t like the way I lived my life”. Mind you at this time I had even calmed down my thirst traps and everything. I was literally on vacation with my mom, she saw every picture I took and even took some of them for me. So I have no idea what sis was talking about. Me taking wild pictures doesn’t mean that I’m out here wyling with my p*ssy out and even if I was she is not the p*ssy patrol. I did not know that she borrows my crotches sometimes and doesn’t want me to damage them or something. Like calm down it snaps back sis we good on this side.

I mean I was trynna enjoy my vacation when I get a phone call that this hippopotamus was not minding her business. My good sis Nicole held it all the way down since I wasn’t there to defend myself letting everyone know to mind their business. Me and Nicole were really a force to be reckoned with. You did not want to be caught in our line of fire. Sometimes I would come for your jugular or sometimes Nicole would if you tried to bother us. I love that girl with all my heart you hear me. At that meeting first Nicole started getting riled up and I literally said “tag me in bitch” and I proceeded to rip the girl who was showing my pictures around to shreds. We went back and forth until literally an hour and a half of everyone’s time was wasted and we all just didn’t like each other more than when we started. That meeting was Iconic. it was when HR was called on me because I wrote “ I hate this fat b*tch at my job”. I mean but I did, so its not like I was lying but again, she went ahead and was not minding her business and trying to get me in trouble. She’s probably so happy I’m gone now. Oh well, hate it had to be me.

Anyways back to good things and good people. My babygirl Nicole, she really is a rider. I mean I get emotional when I think about it and I cant wait to repay her because since day one she’s been that way with me. I knew she was a real one when she drove me three hours upstate after we finished working for me to collect money (pls mind y’all business). However, I knew for sure that she would always remain a day one when she was literally rubbing my back and throwing cold water on me in the work bathroom to help ease the pain of the miscarriage I was having. Then a little over a week later she cried with me in that same bathroom when we found out they were firing me over something they know I didn’t do. Its as if she knew what I needed because she came to my house that same day and stayed with me and kept me alive.

I believe people are placed in our lives for a reason and I believe Nicole was placed in mine so we could both save each other. We definitely have calmed our tempers down since the day we met and we have helped each other grow. If your friends don’t add any benefit to your life then why are they even there. I mean it should be a two way street. In no way is it fair when you just take and dont give any love in return. If thats the case you have some healing to do and you know 2020 is the year we start healing and changing for the better. So make sure you’re receiving and dishing out positivity to those around you. Make sure you’re working on the things you know will make you better and stronger. To My Nicole as well as the many other angel friends I’ll introduce you to this year always remember whenever you need me “Tag Me In Bitch”.

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