Flewed Out .

Okay, yes, my blog post is late but you know what’s not my period and honestly that’s all that really matters to me ! Cause summer is coming and I have to turn up . I’m trynna work on this summer body but honestly its gonna get whatever body i give it . I’m wearing my neon colored two piece spandex outfit all over instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, sconex, everythingggggggg regardless whewwww ! Speaking of instagram sometimes I wonder what people think when they first stumble upon my page. I know they judge me, cause I do the same thing on other people’s pages so I’m not gonna be naive to it and pretend they think I’m an angel. I’m not an angel but some people do get the whole wrong idea and instead of just enjoying the risqué pictures and wonderful twerk videos I am known for posting on my travels people wanna know who I’m with and who booked my trip. First of all mind your business, worry about yourself and drink some more water so your pee isn’t that dark yellow color anymore , thanks .

Anyways, if you must know i go on the majority of my trips by myself, with my sister and my friends . I just don’t post them on my page because it’s my page not class photo day so that’s how i feel about that . However, to say I’ve never been on a few spicy trips in my life would be a complete and utter lie. I just don’t anymore mainly because the last time I did it was horrendous. It was my fault though I was being fast and didn’t think it through at all and that was my karma. Overall, I would take the whole trip over again because I gained not just another sister but a whole other family out of it complete with caring grandparents and amazing godmother who sends me scriptures every morning and prays with me and for me.

Okay so let me get to it. It all started when I was thotting and bopping as usual in DC at a club and there were some big men who put balls in hoops professionally in the section we were in. I was drunk off the henny not paying attention to people’s sons cause I know the clubs there close early so i was trynna get in as many twerks as possible . The night was pretty uneventful and I returned back to NY the next day . So my homeboy hit me up to tell me he gave one of the guys my instagram ( don’t go looking he’s been blockt) . I was like okay I guess, the whole thing was reminiscent of when you’re in high school and someone comes up to you like “ my friend likes you “ . We started to talk and exchanged numbers. It wasn’t long before I was invited on a trip to go and visit him in none other than the beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan. I had never been to anybody’s Michigan before and I had no idea what I was in store for all I knew was when I checked the weather it was colder than it ever needed to be .

So i packed for my trip and everything went wrong . My flight delayed, I missed my connection and I don’t know why I was so determined to go but i was so I got rebooked for the next one. Hours later, I get to my destination and pick up my rental. I drive to the apartment anddddd he’s so boringggg that I wanted to go back to the airport but I was so drained that I just went to sleep. The next day I wake up hoping that I was wrong and he’s not boring but lo and behold I was right and the boy also has the IQ of Patrick from spongebob . I’m thinking , how didn’t I notice this before ? Am i the slow one or is it him after all ? God held it down though because he had a game to go to and they had to travel to it so he would be gone all day. Allllll day ? I hadn’t smiled at anything he said the whole time i was there until he said that. I’m pretty sure he realized that I couldn’t stand him either because my responses to all of his questions were never longer than three words and my face stayed in a permanent scowl. It wasn’t even him I was mad at it was myself for allowing myself to end up in this predicament. This was probably one of the dumbest things I have ever done.

While he was gone I was mad happy being by myself and doing nothing, I explored Walmart for like 4 hrs and I had Steak ‘n Shake for the first time cause there isn’t much to do there . When he came back attitude on 10 again and at this point I’m just glad he didn’t try to touch me. My attitude comes down to a strong 8 when he tells me that we are gonna go out with his teammates. I get all cute and we go to a bar downtown , cool vibe but obviously I don’t talk to anybody because the New Yorker in me doesn’t allow that . I have on my full resting bitch face cause I still dislike this man. I see there are two other girls there and I wonder who’s hoes those are. They don’t speak to me and I don’t speak to them. We leave there and go to a club and at the club start doing Hennessy shots , and at this point the girls finally speak to me . The pretty brown skin one introduces herself as Jordan as says she’s one of the boys friends and she can keep an eye on my guy because she’s always around. I looked her directly in her eyes and said “ I don’t give a f*ck what he does , I don’t even like him “ . The look on her face was priceless and throughout our friendship she continues to have this look whenever I say wild shit . We exchanged contact information and shortly after I returned back to NY she told hit me up telling me she was moving to NY with a new job opportunity. I was going through so much at the time and she was just heaven sent . We became so close and now I can’t see myself without her.

Oh yeah so to finish the story . I gave homie all my Hennessy shots. I got him really drunk so when we got home he was trashed to the point he fell asleep and I had changed my flight to earlier so I snuck out and left super early with the rental and my virginity still in tact . I was outta there quick fast and in a hurry . I never spoke to the man again and I have no idea what he’s doing now nor do i care . I do thank him for the trip because without the trip I would’ve had to meet Jordan some other way.

But yeah , so that’s how I met Jordan. I love her to pieces. Sometimes when I think about how she became a part of my life after I finish thinking wtf Taylor cause what was I thinking I just laugh because it felt like the friendship was destined. I really feel like she was placed into my life for a reason as is everyone I interact with good and bad. She’s been such a positive influence on my life and I hope I have been on hers. It just goes to show you that what’s for you is for you and what’s for me is for me , destiny will find you always and it’ll all fall into place. Also don’t let strange men fly you out && Steak ‘n Shake is amazing you should try it .

3 thoughts on “Flewed Out .

  1. When I tell you I have put myself in so many situations where I could have been kidnapped or something lmao, it’s worth it for the fun times and memories though!


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