We Found Love In A Hopeless Place Pt.1

I hate dating baby daddies. Okay hate is a harsh word, let me try that again. I strongly dislike dating baby daddies. Especially, in this day and age when it seems as though the dynamic of the baby mama and baby father relationship is to be together but cheating. I just don’t want to be dragged into that. I want the Russell Wilson without dealing with the Future. So majority of the time when someone approaches me and they have kids I have to hit them with the “I’m good luv, enjoy”. Unless of course, it’s a hit it and quit it type of situation and then I don’t care because there is absolutely no reason I ever have to meet their child and I also don’t care what they do. If I’m seriously talking to someone though, then I might really have to sit down and contemplate like am I really willing to do this shit again? The guy would have to seriously show and prove that him and his baby mother are co parenting before I do it because I’ve been through it more times than I would like to admit where I find out that they aren’t co parenting they are in fact just parenting and I am tiyadddddddd. The only good I can say that has ever came out of this is in one situation I gained a friend.


In honor of Valentine’s day let me tell y’all about how me and Miranda became friends. Who is Miranda you ask? Now she’s a friend, three years ago, she was the baby mother of a guy who I was talking to who found my number on his phone and was calling me to ask how I knew him. I’m getting a little ahead of myself though , let me start somewhere in the beginning. Me and we’ll just call him Jay had started talking but it wasn’t anything too deep. Now before you ask yes , I knew he was going to be a dad but I just don’t ask questions which is probably one of the worst habits I have. I let people volunteer the information that they want to volunteer. Obviously if there’s a child there has to be someone having the child but I didn’t know anything about her and honestly if he wasn’t giving the info I wasn’t asking. As a matter of fact, as far as I knew they were co parenting and he would visit on the weekends to go see his baby. Now that I think about it, there are about 14 different things wrong with that scenario and I should’ve probably asked some questions, but I didntttt. Jay and I spoke all the time yet we never got to see each other but once in the whole couple of months that we were talking. * throw in side eye * So honestly I was over the whole situation before it even started because ya girl got options. Nah honestly, I knew that something wasn’t right so our whole situation just fizzled out . I mean I deleted the text thread and everything.


Ya’ll know men love popping back up to see if you’re still dumb though, so weeks later, just a few days before Valentines Day, Jay hits me up. We have a conversation about a whole bunch of nothing because at this point I’m not here for the games anymore. On Valentine’s Day I get a random phone call and its Miranda. I still remember that call to this day because I was so confused. She was like “hi Taylor, this is Jay’s girlfriend” at first I was like “Who?” because I was gonna play dumb like I have every other time somebody has came to me as a woman. I really don’t know what made me speak to her because normally I would have just hung up, I honestly think I was really bored and it was entertaining at the time. So she asked me a couple of questions but I was like “ honestly, its not that deep, we’re just friends, we don’t even talk anymore”. We even FaceTimed && to my surprise sis was mad pretty . So y’all know me I was like “omg , you’re gorgeous!” And she was like “so are you!”. Then came a period of time where we all had to get our lives and figure out how to deal with each other . Of course he hated me for befriending his baby mother and I hated him for lying and Miranda loved and hated him because of their whole situation . We ended up getting it together though after of course blocking each other , unblocking each other , arguing , talking shit and the whole nine . My biggest thing though was to never get in between their relationship . Now don’t get me wrong I like to be a little messy so if y’all gonna serve the tea, imma drink it with a little bit of brown sugar on the side , please and thank you . I have a very separate and different relationship with each . I’m still friends with Jay and I’m still friends with Miranda . I just had to learn to separate the two and of course they’re cordial now too so it definitely helps . I think if they had the relationship they had before when we first met then the relationship we have now wouldn’t be possible because to this day I think they’re both very much insane but that’s what love will do to you . So go out and befriend your man’s baby mother today y’all , you might not regret it or you might .



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