Where The Bag At ?

You ever prayed for something and you get exactly what you want but when you get it you realize it is in fact, not at all what you wanted. Yeah, happens to my fast ass alllll the time. Its literally how I got my sugar daddy. Sugar daddies are something that me and my friends sit around and discuss all the time. I mean its something we see every day on Instagram and Facebook and in the shows we watch so it has become more or less a normal thing. Me and my friends we talk about how you go about getting one, how do you know its legit and even how far you’re willing to go if you got one. Now before I actually had a sugar daddy I really thought I was willing to do something strange for some change. I mean toot that ass up for 4 minutes tops and my rent gets paid, soundssssss like a breeze. Its not at all a breeze more like a category 5 hurricane than a breeze.It aint for me buttttt I did it anywaysss as I always do. I didn’t find my sugar daddy on a website or in the lobby of a really classy hotel in Manhattan like people told me to. In fact, that man found me.


I was minding my business just thotting and bopping at a popular basketball park in New York during the summer when an older gentleman approaches me and my home girl. She knows him, I don’t but he’s friendly in like a friend of my dad’s kind of way so I engaged in conversation with him. We end up exchanging numbers in case I ever needed his services, nothing too crazy. I totally forget about even meeting this man until months go by and he calls me out of the blue. I was so confused because I never saved his number and I had paid all my bills so I couldn’t understand why an unsaved number was calling me. I really thought it was somebody’s girlfriend calling me to come to me as a woman or something so I let that shit go to voicemail. When the number calls back two more times I finally decide to answer because what if its one of my crazy ass friends in trouble or something. Turns out if was just grandpa calling to see if I wanted to go to the strip club with him, his treat. I politely declined seeing as though I was at work. I took a mental note to save the number so that I could calmly not answer when he called back again. Me being the procrastinator that I am, never saved the number.


The next day I was off from work and planned on getting a whole bunch of homework done until I realized that my laptop charger was broken and the thought of paying apple that hundred dollars just stressed me out. It was perfect timing because grandpa calls me from his still unsaved number and I tell him how I’m about to get up and get ready to go get a charger for my laptop and lo and behold he volunteers to buy it and bring it for me. When he comes over he starts to tell me about how beautiful he thinks I am and how he would love if he could just make my life easier and help me out. It was like he said magic words, my ears perked up like I was a puppy who’s owner had treats. Oh you said you wanna make my life easy easy? Hurddddd you sis. Except it wasn’t that easy because I hate asking people for stuff . The way my pride is set up just didn’t allow it . Sometimes though , you gotta put your pride to the side . Which I did and I ran that n*ggas pockets ! Do you hear me ?Y’all don’t need to know everything he did for me because it’s none of your business. Always remember to mind the business that pays you and mine won’t. Anyways, because my life is a joke things went left and they went left fast .

First of all, I’m not dumb so I knew at some point and time grandpa would want something in return for all of the gifts he was giving but I had no intention of giving him anything . I swindled my way out of it every single time like a champ . My sugar daddy wanted sugar and all I had to offer him was like some celery or whatever the equivalent of a hug would be . Then on top of that the weirdest shit happened that showed me I definitely had to get rid of him . I was ignoring him big time because honestly I didn’t like him and it was getting harder and harder to fake being around him . I was hanging out with a friend of mine and I went to his house and his mom is a hairstylist, she had a client and I remember staring at the lady because she looked like the older , stressed out version of me and she was there with the cutest little girl plus she was really friendly . We had girl talk for a few but then it was time to leave and when I was walking out guess who the f*ck walks in ? Grandpa !!!! It was his wifeeee who was in there getting her hair done !! Not only did he have a wife but I also met her and their child and she looked like me ! Threeeeee strikes , he was out . Let me tell you that creeped me out so bad after that I couldn’t do it anymore . I don’t care which bill he was paying that wasn’t it .

Moral of the story is sugar daddies ain’t for me . I don’t knock any bodies hustle so for those ladies who are sugar babies more power to you because the mental strength you need to literally fake a relationship is just too much for me. Stripping was wayyyy easier than that sh*t right there to be honest with you. I learned never to put my pride to the side again. I like doing things for myself and by myself. It makes me feel better to know that I struggled to get what I needed because honestly that’s just how I learn . Sometimes I do wish I had more city girls in me because being a full time student with a full time job, going to the gym and still having a life seems damn near impossible but I don’t. So i suck it up and get those hours in at work, get all of my homework done and I try my hardest not to complain all because I know sooner or later I will be Doctor Haynes and that’s all that matters . Period .

2 thoughts on “Where The Bag At ?

  1. Thanks for sharing this with me and the world. I’m certain it wasn’t easy bearing your soul but I’m glad you reached the point where you saw that everything that glitters isn’t gold.

    Considering how beautiful you are and how much you hope to accomplish in this life, know that you are worth far more than you may realize. The greatest gift you can give you can give yourself is KNOWING yourself.

    Full disclosure, I had a relationship outside of my marriage with someone and it’s been over two years now. Yes, I did help her with bills from time to time (though she didn’t need it), and the occasional gifts, but what we figured out was we were each other’s refuge in an often confusion filled world.

    We established what we did based on the trust of truth. We both have up everything in the beginning so there would be no misunderstanding. We took care of each other, not out of obligation, or money, or sex, but out of a mutual friendship and respect. And today, we’re best friends.

    FYI, you were never a hoe.

    Best wishes to you and I am rooting for you to become the doctor you aspire to be.



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