Thank You, Next .

Thought I’d end with Lloyd but it wasn’t a match. Wrote some poems about Robinson, now I look back and laugh. Even almost got wifed up and for James I’m so thankful. One taught me love, one taught me patience and one taught me pain. That Ariana Grande song speaks to my soul. I have dated my fair share of men who have given me nothing but experiences, whether they are good or bad, I am thankful for each and every one of them. 

Now I didn’t always think about things like this. At some point I used to take the end of situationships to heart. I used to be all the way in my Louis V Duffle yall. I remember I talked to this guy and when it was over the kid was DEPRESSEDDDDD. I used to post memes to sub that young man all the time. I cried for like a month but then from that heartbreak I started doing hot yoga and lost 40 pounds and now he finds himself in my dmsstill. Im good luv, enjoy. 

The one thing that I’ve learned that saved me many more months of crying was that we are all somebodies “something to do “when theirs nothing to do at some point in our lives. We are them and we have them. That’s literally just the way life goes. Sometimes we talk to people for no other reason than we are big bored or rebounding or maybe the sex is just so lit you don’t know what to do with yourself. MAYBE it’s a strong combination of all three. Whatever the case may be it happens.

Now the real question is how do you move forward from this when you were the something do and no the something to doer (yes I made up a word). You have to put it into perspective, that’s honestly how I get through everything in life. You have to as cliché as this is about to sound find the silver lining. Ask yourself:

What did I learn? 

What were the good moments I had with this person?

and even if all you got from it was “don’t fuck with fuck niggas / bitches “then that’s all you got. Take it and move on. 

One day you’ll find someone who is more than your something to do and you’ll be more than their something to do and you’ll live happily ever after (more or less). I mean because lets be honest in the something to do situationships or even relationships there are red flags that we tend to ignore because the lies are always way better than the truth. Until we can’t fake it anymore and it fizzles away or blows up in our faces. The smart thing would probably be to end it as soon as the red flags pop up and to not play with people’s feelings. But lets be honest, we aren’t doing that. So be sad for like 24 hours, 48 if you really liked the person and say Thank You, Next.

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