I Had sex with my roommate

I did. I admit it and there’s some nosy ass people who would never ask but always wanted to know. Well, there you go. I hope that adds purpose to your life and helps you to sleep at night.  Anyways, let me explain. We haven’t done anything sexual in over five years. These days Lowell aka Hoe Fuego is one of my best friends and he’s like the big brother I never wanted but got anyways especially that time he ate my Talenti Gelato and I almost murdered him (he ended up buying it back and was forgiven). 

I guess I should start by giving a brief history. We met in 2011 and let me tell y’all that 2012 and even 2013 was a roughhhhhhh couple of years . I guess that would be when I was ” living my best life ” as the young people say. I started college , St. Francis a.k.a SFC located in in Brooklyn Heights to be exact. I wanted to go away to school but my mom said and i quote ” Where the hell you think you’re going? You don’t know how to act here so how you gonna go away?” Which honestly was true as hell by my senior year in High Schoo I was wildingggggggg. I eventually got kicked out of college but thats another story for another post.

So my parents agreed I could dorm at SFC since its in Brooklyn, they felt I was close enough that they could watch me . Lets all laugh in unison. My first day in the dorms I met some young ladies (love you Bret, Mel and Nay) who would turn out to be some of my really good friends to this day. Now some of the details of this day are blurry because Im getting old . I do remember I was hanging out in one of the basketball players rooms and it turned out to be Lowell and his roommates room. I decided I was gonna do shots with Travis who by the way is big as hell and there was no reason I should have been going shot for shot with that man, but I did. I ended up drunk as hell and when lowell came back from some tournament with the trophy he had just won, well one thing led to the next and we did the horizontal tango. I can feeeeeeeeel y’all judging me but my truth is my truth and my life is wayyyyyyy more in order these days.            

So shortly after Lowell started talking to a young lady who was supposed to be my friend but obviously wasn’t. WHORE. Just kiddinggggg. Danielle if you’re reading this my bad for all those times I tried to fight you. I was bugging. The whole time all of this was happening this boy had a whole ass girlfriend. So we were basically competing to be Americas Next Top Sidechick. I will never forget our first argument.  He brought his friend who we called Waka because well he had dreads like Waka Flocka to me & Zoe’s room. My best friend Melissa was texting me about how I was right about my suspicions and Lowell & Danielle were talking. I was BIG MAD. We started arguing in the room and kept arguing as he left and walked down the hallway to the elevator. He even called me a bird ! THE AUDACITY but I forgive you Lo and after this I won’t bring it up anymore, PROMISE ! This would be one of 1,000 arguments we had. Yet we still kept talking back to each other. We always made each other laugh and we were always super comfortable with each other but every single time we added sex into the mix shit would go leftttt.

These days Ive realized because that wasn’t the purpose he was supposed to serve in my life. In fact, once I went back to SFC , 3 years later and we stopped any type of sexual contact our relationship blossomed. We even became roommates and no we didn’t do anything together when we lived together. My mom and sister both adore him which, if you know me you know those are literally the most important people in the world to me. Lo is beyond smart, he’s selfless as well as one of the strongest people I know. Even now that we no longer live together and he lives in China playing basketball ( Get At Him Ladies ) I can still call him whether I need a pep talk or I have great news.  The endless jokes and support he has given me I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The lessons he taught me back then and even to this day are priceless. 

The point of the story is that sometimes we expect people to be something in our lives and it turns out that is not at all what they were put here for.  Some people are in our life for a season and some for a reason. Always make sure you know which it is. Now don’t think Im telling you that people are temporary. Sometimes people may be in your life and the reason might be to show your traumatized ass unconditional love. Maybe the person is in your life to give you some advice you need in that moment. Just make sure you make the best of that time and take your lesson.

Thanks Hoe Fuego for letting me tell this story && for being an amazing person. Love yaaaaaa. 

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