The Cycle .

You know that feeling when you first start talking to someone and those lies feel so amazing.  The honeymoon phase as some call it. When you’re trying not to show him you’re actually insane and he’s trying to show you that he’s shit when in all actuality , he’s probably not. Yeah well, that usually doesn’t last as long for me as it does for other people. Now i haven’t figured out why this is but it probably has something to do with the fact that I’ve let a couple of young men hit wayyyyyy too early . Because we all know thats where shit goes awry. There’s this switch that happens and its ever so subtle but it makes such a huge difference. It always begins the same way for me , I don’t know about for anyone else , I might be alone with this one , y’all can let me know. So it begins boy chases girl ( i.e ME). I usually pay no attention to boy or minimal attention to boy hoping they will go away because I already know they’re gonna ruin my life. Then when i finally pay attention to them and as my mom would say ” the sex ” is done then it either goes one of two ways. Its either horrible and I want my vagina back or its so so and I still kind of want my vagina back. In the case of me wanting my vagina back, I never feel bad when the young man switches up because it shows me their true intentions and also Im deleting that body immediately. If Draya can do it then so can I . If you were just a something to do type of person then I take the L and move on with my life. One of my best friends named Lowell who I lovingly refer to as Hoe Fuego always told me imma n**ga at heart and my snapback game is super fast. Especially when it comes to men who they were just some mediocre sex  and a couple of text messages to pass the time throughout the day. Now we come to the category that is the most dangerous the category of men who are the real demons. The ones who really put in that work and when it comes to ” the sex” they throw that shit down and I mean like all the way down. This doesn’t happen often but when it does happen it reallllllyyyyyy happens. Those men who’s text messages matter more than the others. The men who you change their ringtone from the regular iPhone tone to a different one so you know its them when you hear it. Those men that when you daydream its them you think about. Now it may be the way they capture your heart is what leads you to believe that the sex is just so amazing or it may just very well be that these men are real life demons and the sex is just that good. When you mix the good d with mind blowing conversations you find yourself begging for their attention afterwards. Normally, when I would just not feel any type of  way about the switch with these select few that shit hurts. You want them to be the one and even find yourself ignoring red flags to be with them. You try as many different things as you can including trying to get the ball back in your court but to no avail because you’re already dickmatized and all that young man has to do is shift your cervix one good time and you’re back under his spell. You either chase him for as long as you possibly can without going full on insane or you become his girlfriend and you do literally go insane. When its over and done you take a break (times may vary depending on the female in questions ) , recoup mentally for the next round of The Cycle. Now, I have no advice for this ladies because I am still going through it and as a matter of fact I’m going through it right now. I promise when I figure it out though I’ll let y’all know what the deal is.